Establishing Expectations - Skill 1

To clearly articulate and demonstrate the boundaries of pro-social behaviour

Why is establishing expectations an effective management skill?

It is important to have clear boundaries for social behaviour so that everyone is clear about what is, and is not, regarded as responsible and safe in a particular context.

How to establish expectations:

  1. Work out rules in a class meeting if possible. If the class is too chaotic at this point, impose a small number of rules you believe are fair. Itinerant teachers will probably need to impose rules for pragmatic reasons.

  2. Publish the rules where students can see them.

  3. Keep the rules short, simple and phrased in observable terms.
    For example:
    - Arrive prepared.
    - Be in the right place.
    - Keep hands and feet to yourself
    - Use a respectful voice.
    - Stay on task.

  4. Make the rules positive.They have more impact if they describe what students can do.

  5. Refer to the rules frequently.

  6. Model, model, model.


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